THE DOOR DISTRICT®, warrants that our line of products SKY®, BARI®, MODENA® and LUXOR® are interior doors fabricated with the best technology. We certify that our products meet high quality standards, with selected raw material and an excellent production process, free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, for a period of (2) years from the invoice date. 


Our doors are for interiors only.

■ They should be stored in locations with no sun exposure, humidity, or extreme weather.

■ Install your door immediately after you unpack it.

■ Do not install your doors on unfinished projects.

■ Every door should use three (3) hinges minimum.

■ Pre-finish and finish both sides of the door including the four edges before installing.

■ Set the lock after door has been installed.



■ Our doors have two lateral wood reinforcements for lock placements, adaptable to any type of lock.

■ Their storage should be in horizontal piles of doors distanced 15 cm from the floor.

■ We recommend the door is installed by an expert.

■ This product was designed for indoor use only, do not expose directly to water or other liquids. Any trace of humidity void the warranty.

■ The warranty of the door is valid for (2) years since the invoice date and it may be replaced if the wood or skin suffers any distortions in its shape or proportion for the lack of gluing.

■ The warranty becomes valid only if the maintenance recommendations are put into practice and the damaged cause is determined under a technical concept of an expertise designated by THE DOOR DISTRICT®.

■ THE DOOR DISTRICT® grants exclusively the doors, this warranty is not cover the other elements installed such as hinges, locks, railings or glass inserts.

■ Our doors have a traceable seal that should be given when reporting any damage under warranty.

■ THE DOOR DISTRICT® commits to receive any inquiry from final users through a formal request, which will be attended and evaluated through the customer service of the distributor in a thirty (30) day period calendar since the moment the complaint is issued.

■ In the case that the product has been determined as defective THE DOOR DISTRICT® will proceed to furnish a replacement door, repair the door or refund the original purchase price.

■ THE DOOR DISTRICT® will not be liable for special incidental or consequential damages.


For all effects the Company THE DOOR DISTRICT® is not responsible for:

 ■ Mistreated product by users.

■ Doors that their basic structure have been modified or altered from their original dimensions.

■ Damages caused by extreme weather in the installation zone, deterioration through use or natural variations in color or wood texture such as wood grains or knots.

■ The curve distortion in the skin board is considered a defect when it is more than 1/4” (6mm).

■ This warranty is valid until the door is painted or manipulated by a third party.

■ Inclination of the jamb where the door is hanged.

■ Damage of the product caused by the assembly or inappropriate installation.

■ Inconvenience in the structural integrity caused by inappropriate assembly of the door complements such as jambs, hinges, locks, casings or unsuitable door size.

■ Any Product that is over forty-two inches (42") in width and/or eight-feet (8) in height.

 Thank you for using THE DOOR DISTRICT® products.

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Rev 12/2019